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Our Glamorous Spa

Located in the heart of Calgary, GlowDermis Medical Spa is a skin care and laser clinic with advanced clinical estheticians. Our mission is to provide the highest and safest level of care through the newest non-invasive technology and methods.
Achieve your dreams of a glowing skin here at GlowDermis.

Our Team

Meet Our experts who make you feel comfortable

Dr. Mandana Ebrahimi

Medical Doctor / Advanced Clinical Aesthetician | +1 (403) 835-1346

I am Mandana Ebrahimi. I am a medical doctor with more than 25 years experience out of Canada, and registered in the Medical Council of Canada. Throughout the course of my career, I always gravitated towards the beauty industry, and pursued my interest in the beauty field while working as a family physician. 

Now that I am a fully licensed advanced clinical aesthetician in Canada, I am taking my passion to a next level by welcoming all Calgarians to GlowDermis Medical Spa. 

I am a lifelong learner. My passion is reading, studying and learning to enhance beauty on the outside and inside. I love to spend time with my beloved family, friends and clients, and to help all people around me to grow and glow.

Tina Saeedi

Aesthetician | +1 (403) 619-9731

I am Tina saeedi. I am a certified aesthetician and have many prolonged years of experience in the medical field and the beauty, and I am very passionate and talented in the both fields. I’ve turned my hobbies into my career by working persistently and devotedly towards my dream of being a part of the beauty industry. Now, with the opening of GlowDermis, this is made possible and we proudly welcome you to our establishment!

I enjoy increasing the clients ‘s self-esteem by making subtle changes to their appearance for results that look youthful and natural. I have a very stable hand and meticulous attention to detail, always trying to understand and meet the needs.